Gas Edgers Gas lawn edger guide
  • Gas edgers

    A gas edger is an important tool for maintaining a good lawn appearance next to paved surfaces such as walkways, patios, and driveways. With a quality gas edger one can product straight, even lines with good definition between the patio and the grass and give a clean, professional look.

    While some people try to edge using a trimmer, using an edger gives much better precision. And edgers are specifically designed for the edging function, and have the power to dig a good and sufficiently wide mini trench between the cement and the grass.

    Once decision to make when selecting a gas edger is whether to go for a compact model, or a full size one. Compact versions can be easer to handle. The full size takes more storage space.

    Engine size is another important thing to consider. It’s important to avoid it being underpowered. Further, the quality of the machinery is important as it should last, and one wants it to be easy to start and maintain.

    To avoid starting hastles, one could go with electrics edgers. While electric edgers are available and do have their pluses such as easy starting and light weight, gas lawn edgers offer many advantages. Proper edging takes a lot of power, and a good sized gas engine can provide such power. Also, having to drag an electrical cord around can slow down the work, and becomes especially problematic if edging a large lot. When you have a significant amount of edging to do, a gas edger is generally the best choice, and what professionals typically use in commercial applications.